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Siser 20" x 18" Heat Transfer Teflon Sheets

Siser Teflon Sheets are high quality protective Teflon sheets which are manufactured to the highest standards to conform to the latest industry requirements. The reusable sheets prevent fabric scorching in heat transfer applications.

Suggested Uses: A single sheet of Teflon is used to place on top of your transfer and garment and is sized to completely cover everything on your lower platen. An upper Teflon sheet is one of those things that is better to have and not need it, than it is to need it and not have it. First, the sheet keeps any possible dyes from colored garments and residue from your transfers from getting on the upper heater block. A heater block can be wiped off, but it is much easier and simpler to wipe off the Teflon sheet. Second, some transfer times and temperatures are very close to the scorch point of fabrics. A Teflon cover sheet helps to prevent possible scorching.
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20 in x 18 in $15.95

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