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Screen Degreaser 260

Degreaser, Degrader, Dehazer!

A multi-purpose, concentrated citrus product that does the job of 3 products! This non-abrasive, water-based formula degreases new and used mesh and removes unwanted residue. As a nonflammable ink degrader, it emulsifies inks for easy water removal before reclaiming. Finally, it is a safe, non-caustic screen dehazer that will not deteriorate the mesh and will not burn skin or clothing. Freeze/thaw stable.

DEGREASER: Degreases new and used mesh, Non-abrasive - does not induce premature mesh breakdown, Removes residual hand oils and printing inks, Freeze/Thaw Stable.

INK DEGRADER: Emulsifies inks for easy water removal before reclaiming, Safe, water-based formula, Non-flammable, Pleasant fragrance, Cleans squeegees, flood bars, frames, etc., Degrades plastisol, UV, solvent-based and water based inks.
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1 Gallon $27.08
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