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Emulsion PC 701

Allows Single Print Coverage!

Allows Single Print Coverage!Possibly the fastest exposing one-part available, PC 701 also has the highest known solids content of any emulsion! Testing has shown PC 701 to expose more than 3 times faster than other SBQ emulsions. With extremely high 52% solids, this SBQ emulsion allows you to use minimal coatings and create high-density stencils of 400+ microns, replacing more expensive capillary films. It offers textile printers excellent resistance to plastisol ink, easy reclaimability and an extended shelf life.

APPLICATIONS: Textile printing, High-density printing, Heavy deposit     base print

PERFORMANCE PROPERTIES: Extremely high solids - 52% solids Extremely fast exposure, Versatile - produces halftone, line art, base and high density prints, Allows single print coverage without multiple flashing, Very fast dry times, Balanced color for easy inspection and easy on-press registration, Extended shelf life, High durability for long print runs,High flexibility to handle low mesh tensions and highsqueegee pressures, Very easy to reclaim without staining, One-part formula does not require sensitizer addition.
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1 Gallon $72.48
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