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Signabond Original
Strongest, Most Rigid, Aluminum Composite Panel!

Signabond Original is our strongest, most rigid ACM panel. The 3 mil panel sports a slightly thicker Aluminum skin then Signabond Lite or Signabond Ultralite and exhibits these outstanding qualities: Strong, rigid,  extreme durability, resists corrosion (anti-corrosion and primer treatments to both aluminum sheets), impervious to water and most chemicals, excellent ultraviolet (UV) ray protection, withstands extreme outdoor conditions, light weight makes installations easier (easily cut, fabricated and mounted using everyday tools), no pre-treatment necessary for paint or graphics, surface resists scratching, easily cleaned, long life span, and  affordable. The 4' x 8'  is also available in a 6 mm panel for maximum life.

Size Thickness D/S Color Price
4' x 8' 3 mm White $72.00
4' x 8' 6 mm $98.75
4' x 10' 3 mm $85.00
5' x 10' $122.00
18" x 24" $6.60 ea
24" x 24" $11.00
48" x 48" $48.40

Signabond Layers